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  • Stephen Recker
    Jun 12, 2008
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      O.T. Reilly, writing for the Antietam Wavelet in 1888:
      Oct 20 Hon. L.E. McComas and Col. H.K. Douglas will jointly discuss the
      tariff question in Hagerstown next Tuesday.
      Oct 27 Col. H. Kyd Douglas will address the voters of this district on
      Saturday the 27th.
      Nov 3 Messrs. H. Kyd Douglas and Charles Little addressed a large
      audience in the town hall on Saturday evening, Oct. 27. Mr. Douglas
      spoke about an hour. He was presented with some beautiful bouquets of
      flowers by the ladies, who seemed to be very much pleased with
      him.---He is a bachelor. After tendering his thanks to the gentlemen
      managers of the stage, and expressing his appreciation for the ladies’
      gifts, he started for the train. But part of the conveyance refused to
      act; so the Col. did not get to the train that night. We don’t know
      what was the cause of this accident. I don’t think it was the weight,
      although it might have been the case. He did not have his coffee pots
      with him we are positive, so you can’t blame it on them. The Col.
      Remained in our town until Sunday noon.

      He obviously knew that HKD went by Colonel. Eighteen years later, when
      O.T. wrote his guide book, he called him "Gen.", but that could've been
      a joke/honor/typo/mistake. Who knows. But it hardly calls O.T.'s
      general veracity, so to speak, into question, IMHO.

      I'm transcribing O.T.'s articles at otreilly.virtualantietam.com. What
      I am finding is that whenever I think O.T. may have gotten something
      wrong, it usually ends up to be a hole in my scholarship, not his.


      On Thursday, June 12, 2008, at 09:27 PM, G E Mayers wrote:

      > Dear Stephen,
      > It is not that I doubt what you say...but I wonder how much of
      > what OT wrote in his book is accurate? For one instance, he has H
      > K Douglas as a Confederate General..........
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