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  • G E Mayers
    Jun 12, 2008
      Welcome aboard Corey! You have been doing some good reading,
      however, beware of what O T Reilly says in his book as totally
      factual. For interesting stories and some local flavor it is a
      good book but that is about all.

      James Murfin's book "A Gleam of Bayonets" is a better book than
      Sears' "Landscape Turned Red". Murfin intimately knew the
      Antietam battlefield while Sears never once set foot on the
      terrain while writing his book.

      As a person who has been to Antietam NBP many times, it is
      amazing how many stories the field still tells........

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      To Be A Virginian, either by birth, marriage, adoption, or even
      on one's mother's side, is an introduction to any state in the
      Union, a passport to any foreign country, and a benediction from
      the Almighty God. --Anonymous
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      From: "Corey MacLeod" <coreymacleod@...>
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      Subject: [TalkAntietam] Introduction

      >I suppose I should give a brief introduction. My name is Corey
      >MacLeod. I
      > live in Greer, South Carolina. I am married to a beautiful
      > woman and I have
      > two amazing children. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather fought
      > for the 29th.
      > Massachusetts Regiment, in Co. E. His name was Samuel Cole
      > Wright. I have
      > always had an interest in my family history but never really
      > studied it
      > much. After a trip to Sharpsburg back in May a fire wasn't
      > lit, but a
      > blazing inferno created. I have started reading Stephen Sears'
      > "Landscape
      > Turned Red" and have just today received a copy of O.T. Riley's
      > book "The
      > Battlefield of Antietam." Shelby FOote's narrative is next as
      > soon as I
      > finish Sears' book. It's good to be here and I hope to learn
      > much from you.
      > God Bless.
      > Corey MacLeod
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