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473Re: [TalkAntietam] Little Known Places at Antietam

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  • Tom Clemens
    Jan 18, 2002
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      Tom Shay,
      We're pretty close. Why we chose the closer location was:
      1. Lee was on the hill all day and I don't think he traveled very far up the
      2. The full account mentions the shell continued down the hill and struck in the
      ranks of NC regiment and killed a few men. The regiment was described as resting
      on the outskirts of the town. So if you go too far up the ridge the trajectoy
      from Weed's guns on the Ecker farm takes you awy from town not towards it.
      3. Another source said about 75 yards north of the turnpike.

      This is all from memory, so be generous with you criticism.
      rotbaron@aol.com wrote:

      > In a message dated 01/18/2002 0:49:53 AM EST, clemens@crosslink.net writes:
      > << Basically it is the knoll in Mt. View Cemetery across from the National
      > Cemetery. Joe Harsh and I scouted this a few years back. Second alternative
      > is the ridge just to the north, but I think the cemetery is correct.
      > Surprisingly good view from there. >>
      > Scouting the battlefield with Joe Harsh......ah, to dream!
      > During anniversary tours a few months ago, I attended Keith Snyder's tour of
      > the middle of the Rebel line. We met at parking lot on Boonsboro Pike across
      > from cemetery and headed east/northeast. As we reached the crest of
      > ridgeline, I asked Keith where he thinks the incident (Hill's horse being hit
      > by shell) occurred. He felt it was likely in this area. So we certainly have
      > at least two options to choose from!
      > Tom Shay
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