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  • RoteBaron
    Apr 10, 2008
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      I was referring to the counterattack by 27th NC & 3rd ARK after Bloody Lane fell. It's covered by Sears on pg 250 of LANDSCAPE TURNED RED, but Armstrong provides far more detail.

      Tom Shay

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      The Rebel counterattacks before the collapse or after the
      collapse of the CSA center?

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

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      > I'm partcularly impressed with Armstrong's thorough accounting
      > of the actions of French and Richardson's regiments after the
      > Sunken Road is taken. Their maneuverings to react to 27th NC &
      > 3rd ARK are complex and worthy of a future field hike.
      > After the total collapse of the Sunken Road position, it's
      > amazing that the Rebel counterattack managed to reach the
      > Roulette Farmstead. The maps are critical to understanding the
      > flow of this fight..
      > Tom Shay
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      > From: "Steve" <myness@...>
      > Mr. Armstrong signed my copy and also showed me the detailed
      > maps he
      > used, which are reproduced in miniature throughout the book -
      > IIRC, he
      > used the Cope maps as a basis and then added details or
      > additional maps
      > as needed to fully detail the actions of the 2nd Corps.
      > I just finished his "Disaster in the West Woods," which appears
      > to be a
      > condensed version of "Unfurl Those Colors." He makes valid
      > points
      > defending Sumner's decision to commit Sedgwick in the West
      > Woods, but
      > still takes him to task for the unwieldy formation used in the
      > attack.
      > He offers quite a different perspective from Sears, who has a
      > very low
      > opinion of the 2nd Corps commander.
      > I fully expect Armstrong's new book to challenge my
      > understanding of
      > the battle, and look forward to visiting the field again with
      > some new
      > perspectives.
      > Steve
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