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451Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: South Mt. purchase

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  • Curt Johnson
    Jan 4 3:51 PM
      Hi, Mark,

      Thanks for your comments. I have to tell you, when I sent my initial answer
      to whoever it was that asked the question (never got a response), I checked
      Mike Priest's book for details: therefore, the designation E, Pa. Lt. I
      guess I should've checked my own book (duh!), which gives Independent Bty.
      D. I can confirm your statement that, at the time of the battle, Durell's
      was designated the 2d Indpt. Pa. Bty., having checked my copies of Hunt's
      and Barry's reports and memoranda. I must have adopted the slightly later
      designation for my book, maybe from Cuffel, so thanks for pointing that out.

      If I understand your comments about the location where these folks went into
      battery, you are talking about the yards and fields in the vicinity of the
      site of the Reno Oak. While I don't disagree with that site, there was also
      a site further up the hill and closer to the Reno Monument, where there is a
      shelf on the north side of the road (east of Wise's North Field) that was
      occupied by Federal artillery. It was there that (I think) Cook's Bty. was
      wrecked. All this is off the top of my head.

      Best wishes,

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      > > David,
      > >
      > > Without further details, I would hazard a guess that it is the
      > ground occupied by Cook's 8th Mass. Bty., Durell's (E, Pa. Lt.)
      > and/or Clark's (E, 4th US), all of which were in action at Fox's Gap
      > within 300 meters of the Reno Monument. Details of the combat may be
      > found in Priest's _Before Antietam_.
      > >
      > > Curt Johnson
      > Curt,
      > I'm sure you are aware that Captain Durell's Battery was Independent
      > Battery "D", not "E". Knap's Battery was Independent Battery "E."
      > It should be noted that at the time of the Battle, Durell's Battery
      > was officially designated as the 2nd Independent Pennsylvania
      > Battery. They were also unofficially referred to as the Ringgold
      > Battery! The "D" designation was not given to the Battery until
      > 1863. I suppose it's just easier for historians to use the
      > designation that they ended their service with.
      > The land where these batteries went into action is about 1/2 mile
      > down the hill from the Reno Monument towards the former spot of the
      > Reno Oak, and on the right side of the road. You can also see it if
      > you walk out onto the field across the road from the monument about
      > half way to the wood line and look downhill. You can see an open
      > area off to the right with a few houses between it and the road. If
      > this is the land that was purchased, it is very good news! I was
      > just discussing this parcel with Ranger Al Preston of the Maryland
      > Parks Dept. (the folks who run the new South Mountain Battlefield
      > State Park) a few months ago and he never mentioned that it had been
      > saved. We both held the opinion that it should be a priority site
      > for preservation. Then again, we're both rather partial to the
      > artillery. ;-)
      > Mark A. Pflum
      > (researcher of Durell's Battery, P.V.)
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