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4497Telegraph Lines Cut during MD Campaign before 7 Sept.? Where?

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Mar 19, 2008
      I had a discussion yesterday with a Maryland Campaign expert about when
      the telegraph lines to Harpers Ferry from DC or other eastern
      cities/towns were cut. I thought that D. H. Hill would have cut them
      along with the C&O banks and the B&O tracks when he crossed at Cheek's
      Ford on 4 September or when Jackson/Stuart crossed at White's Ford on
      the 5th.

      But were there any commercial or military lines at these points to be
      cut? Did the line(s) instead run some other direction(s) to be relayed
      to DC like to Frederick? Of course if they ran along the B&O tracks,
      then they would have been cut on the 4th.

      If they weren't cut on the 4/5, did HF lose its telegraph to the
      outside world in any direction before the 7th when Wool said in OR,
      vol. 19, pt. I p. 520 they were cut?

      Any thoughts?

      Larry F.
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