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4285Re: Regimental numbers during the Maryland Campaign

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Feb 13, 2008
      Thanks Dean,

      The total cav numbers in Carman, OR, etc., are good but unit numbers
      are lacking. It is unlikely I can research unit numbers at NARA so I
      might have to come up with some estimates like Harsh did in STS page

      I have the CW Equipage book on the way so I can reference weapons.

      Cannon types/numbers are around but as you point out are incomplete
      in some areas but I will use Trout, "Galloping Thunder" and
      Johnson, "Artillery Hell" as follows: Trout, 8. At the Battle of
      Antietam on 17 September, only Pelham's Battery was engaged with two,
      three inch ordnance rifles; one, twelve pound Napoleon, and five
      unidentified guns. It abandoned its howitzers for Ordnance rifles
      captured on 27 August 1862 at Manassas Junction. Hart's Battery had
      four, twelve pound Blakeley guns and Chew's Battery had two or three,
      three inch Ordnance rifles, one Blakely Rifle and one, twelve pound
      smoothbore howitzer, Curt Johnson and Richard C. Anderson, Jr.,
      Artillery Hell: The Employment of Artillery at Antietam, (College
      Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 1995), 100-101. Union horse
      artillery, Second U. S. Battery A, had six, twelve pound smooth bore
      Napoleons, Second U. S. Batteries B and L had four, twelve pound
      smooth bore Napoleons, and Battery M of the Second had six, three
      inch Ordnance rifles. Batteries C and G of the Third U. S. Artillery
      had six, three inch Ordnance rifles, Johnson, 35.


      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, Dean Essig <dean_essig@...>
      > Cav numbers are pretty sketchy. Priest gives 4320 for
      > the division. The park had nothing. So, my cav numbers
      > are estimates at best... if you have anything harder,
      > I'd love to see them.
      > For weapons, (all data from Todd):
      > 8 Ill, 3 Ind, 4 Penn, 1 NY, 12 Penn, 8 NY, 3 Penn, 1
      > Maine all with Carbines of various types
      > 1 Mass, 15 Penn are armed with pistols.
      > (I listed all of the ones I had data on, it obviously
      > includes some units that weren't in the battle.)
      > The horse artillery is easier:
      > A, 2 US--6x Napoleons
      > B&L, 2 US--4x Napoleons
      > M, 2 US--6x Rifles
      > C&G, 3 US--6x Rifles
      > These are all from the Paul Chiles B&G article.
      > I have a scattering of weapon data for the various HQ
      > guard units.
      > The Rebel information is about the same level.
      > 4500 total for the Cav division (Carmen)
      > 1 NC, 1 VA, 3 VA, 4 VA, 5 VA, 2 VA, 12 VA with pistols
      > 2 NC, 7 VA, Cobb Legion with rifles (2 NC also listed
      > for pistols)
      > Batteries (info from Anderson):
      > Hart SC (4x rifles w/o ammo at Boteler's Ford)
      > Pelham (8x guns, two 4-gun sections, various gun types
      > nothing firm)
      > Chew Va 3x Rifles, 1x Napoleon
      > (There is a story to go with the Napoleon in Chew's
      > Battery... something along the lines of they had it
      > for a period of the war but found it to be too heavy
      > to keep up with the cavalry and eventually (before
      > Gettysburg?) got rid of it.)
      > Hope that helps.
      > Dean
      > --- eighth_conn_inf <eighth_conn_inf@...> wrote:
      > > Dean,
      > >
      > > Thanks very much for this info! The units I'm
      > > looking for are all cav
      > > units on both sides and horse artillery. My paper is
      > > on cav during
      > > the Maryland Campaign.
      > >
      > > Larry
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