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4281Regimental numbers during the Maryland Campaign

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Feb 12, 2008

      I have been unable to come up with any numbers to check Sid's in his
      game. Those seem low compared to the 2 Sept. numbers I've seen in John
      Owen Allen's Master's Thesis, George Mason University (1993)"The
      Strength of the Union and Confederate Forces at Second Manassas," but
      attrition from then for the Confederates was very heavy of course
      assuming that Sid's numbers are for 17 September. And the 2 Sept.
      numbers only cover Pope for the Union. I don't think my professor will
      appreciate my footnoting Sid's game!

      Has anyone seen regimental numbers for the Maryland Campaign or
      Antietam? Otherwise, going to NARA and looking at morning reports,
      muster rolls, regimenal books,etc., may be the only way to get some
      better idea of the numbers. Any suggestions?

      Dean--can you divulge how you got/will get your regimental numbers for
      your game?

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