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4250Re: [TalkAntietam] 6 Wisconsin vs Texans?

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  • Dean Essig
    Feb 6, 2008

      This is correct, the 6th Wisc ended up in the upper
      (northern) corner of the cornfield and then moved
      further west to the _other_ side of Battery B.

      Before it got there, it had led the advance through
      and south of the cornfield. It's location and time
      there is why I'm interested in its "relationship" to
      the advance of Hood's Division.

      I'll have to examine Dawes' account more closely and
      the actions of the other Confederate Brigades in that
      zone to figure out if the 6th withdrew before or
      because of Hood's attack.

      I'm using these isolated events as a calibration
      mechanic for the game... if the 1st Texas can't do
      what it did, with the losses it had, then something is
      not working right.

      --- G E Mayers <gerry1952@...> wrote:

      > IIRC, the Sixth pretty much was in the upper corner
      > of The
      > Cornfield at about that time. They did have the
      > almost muzzle to
      > muzzle firefight with some of Stark's Louisiana boys
      > earlier...from opposing sides of the Turnpike
      > fencing....
      > I think the First Texas got as far as it did owing
      > to
      > distractions on the part of the Federals from
      > Confederate units
      > (4th Tex, 18thGa, Hampton Legion Infantry) along the
      > fence line
      > roughly halfway in the Cornfield...this is IIRC.
      > You could be right...the First Texas managed to
      > exploit a
      > relatively small window of lesser opposition due to
      > the presence
      > of other Confederate units at the north edge of the
      > Cornfield and
      > near the East Woods distracting Federal units.

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