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42406 Wisconsin vs Texans?

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  • dean_essig
    Feb 6, 2008
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      Hey Guys!

      I'm trying to follow the exact sequence of events in and around the cornfield in the hour
      or so from 6:30 to 7:30am. I don't need to track everything that is going on, but rather
      the events involving the deployment and assault by the 1 Texas up to the limits of its
      advance (into the maw of the guns of Battery B 4 US and the line of Union troops just
      north of the Cornfield.

      I read the pertinent sections of Carmen (thanks to Tom's posting of the parts repeated in
      Sid Miers' game) and Rufus Dawes account.

      In its advance, Dawes' 6 Wisconsin came out of the south edge of the cornfield and
      "advanced half way across the open fields toward the small church". This would put him
      just north of where the Texans crossed the Hagerstown Pike and started their advance. He
      also relates being attacked and having to withdraw until beyond the cornfield where he
      rallied 200 men using the Wisconsin Colors.

      The question is this: Is it the Texans that forced his withdrawal? Or was he attacked a bit
      earlier than the entry of Hood's division by somebody else (probably from Lawton's

      I'm not looking for any exact times here (since they are essentially unknown), but rather to
      answer the _who_ is doing this question.

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