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422Gleisen brothers

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  • rotbaron@aol.com
    Dec 24, 2001
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      I had recently mentioned the Gleisen brothers. Finally I found time to review my video of Keith Snyder's tour in which he mentions them. Here is the story:

      George and Gottfried Gleisen (undoubtedly I am spelling the last name incorrect) were brothers in the 97th New York. They were shoemakers from New York City. They had recently immigrated from Germany. They had lied about their ages to enlist. One was 61 and said he was 44; the older brother was 63 and said he was 42 (i.e. younger than his brother). George was shot and killed in the East Woods/Cornfield area and his brother went to his assistance, but he was also shot and killed.

      Tom Shay - Cressona, PA