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  • Stephen Recker
    Dec 20, 2007
      > Actually, my kind sir, I am the one who owes apologies. Had I paid
      > more attention to the signature (yours) I would have known without
      > hesitation that the comment was intended in jest. Please accept.

      On Thursday, December 20, 2007, at 09:43 PM, Harry Smeltzer wrote:

      > It also regarded McClellan and not Lee.wow, we can really KILL a joke -
      > sorry, Steve!

      In the spirit of the season I will accept all of these kind words with
      gladness, and I will work on my material as well.

      Interesting about that Lincoln quote, and the cavalry of both sides
      after Antietam. Ethan Rafuse's "McClellan's War" makes a pretty decent
      case for what Mac's cavalry was doing after the battle that would cause
      them fatigue- they were chasing after Jeb Stuart who was riding around
      Mac's army. Perhaps Stuart was trying to make up for his poor
      early-September performance?

      Stephen Recker
      Historical Humorist
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