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3927Re: [TalkAntietam] 13 September 1862 Maryland Heights

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  • Joseph Pierro
    Dec 17, 2007

      There's a map showing the regiments of the Union first line in Wayne Mahood, "Written in Blood": A History of the 126th New York Infantry in the Civil War (Hightstown, N.J.: Longstreet House, 1997), 34.

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      Subject: [TalkAntietam] 13 September 1862 Maryland Heights

      A question has come up about any maps showing the actions on this date
      re McLaws on Maryland Heights perhaps to the regimental level and
      below. I haven't found any article in N&S showing McLaws pushing the
      Union off the heights. I quickly checked B&G and CWI and came up empty
      there, too. None of my Antietam books nor the CC maps show these

      Any suggestions for any extant maps showing the units on 13 September
      On MH?


      Larry F.

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