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  • Joseph Pierro
    Oct 27, 2007
      Thanks, Larry! I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some sort of pharonic curse on this manuscript.

      On the other hand, since I have to die of something, it might as well be as the last casualty of Antietam. . . . :)


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      Never ask what can happen next! It is good to hear that you will be
      OK and are recovering well. Even though the book will be late,
      getting it out as quickly as that after what happened will be

      I've had an order in with Amazon for several months when I first saw
      it there and look forward to receiving it when you get it done. Good
      luck on our recovery.


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      > Hey, everyone! I've gotten a few queries (and congrats) on the
      > release of the Carman ms. It's a TAD premature.
      > I'm not sure where the late Oct. date in Amazon was coming from
      > (probably some database wasn;t updated), but the book, when last I
      > knew, was going to be a mid-Nov. release.
      > And there's been a small snag since. . . .
      > At the beginning of the month, I had about 4-5 days of work left on
      > the index in order to have the ms. COMPLETE and ready to go to the
      > printer. Just then, however, I developed a problem with the
      > Not the book's. My own. I had been misdiagnosed with food
      > on the 3d, and by the 6th it burst. I've been in the hospital ever
      > since (I only just returned home an hour ago).
      > It's too soon for me to make a firm guess on a new release date. As
      > said, I had about 4-5 days of work left to do when I was 100%
      > healthy, and I'm nowhere near that now. Then, once I AM done, it'll
      > take the publisher 3-4 weeks to typeset the index and then
      > produce books.
      > I'd guess it'll be ready by the 2d week of December. I'm going to
      > make every possible effort to make sure the books ship in time for
      > Xmas deliveries.
      > All best,
      > --jake

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