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3739Wistar vs Wister

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  • 128thpa@comcast.net
    Sep 26 8:16 PM
      The Wister/Wistar brothers immigrated to Pennsylvania from Hillspach near Heidelberg, Germany in the early 18th century. Langhorne Wister's Mother, Sarah was the great-great granddaughter of James Logan. Logan in 1699 traveled to America with William Pen as his personal secretary.
      The Wister family was full of over-achievers.

      Owen Wister, Sr, a cousin to Langhorne, married the daughter of Fanny Kemble the famous English Actress. Their son, Owen Jr, wrote "The Virginian".

      LaSalle University has a great archive on the Wister family, as that land was the Wister Family home. The current University President's House was the home of Langhorne Wister. When he died, they had a Quaker Funeral Service for this CW General in what is now the President's Office(The house was originally built by the artist, Charles Wilson Peale and the parlor was his studio). Langhorne's brother wrote a great description of this fighting Quaker's funeral.

      Back to Antietam!


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