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3662Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: South Mountain markers

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  • Stephen Recker
    Sep 13, 2007

      No, YOU da man.

      Actually I do appreciate the kind words. Another thought about the
      differences in the two databases. Virtual Antietam is a simple keyword
      search of the text of the markers and monuments. You gotta know what
      you are looking for, because if you keyword search for "Maryland" and
      the marker says, MD, you are out of luck. AotW, on the other hand, is
      an actual relational database that will parse out specific narrow

      So if I am at a book show and I need to find out if the 16th Alaska
      Dogsled Team was at Antietam, I fire up AotW and it finds it for me. If
      I want to see what the area behind the marker looks like I use Virtual

      I didn't find the data for the 'lost markers' at the archives. I got a
      folder from Jane Custer that has pictures of every marker on the field.
      She has photos of a few markers that are gone, an example being the one
      that used to be on the house near Middle Bridge.

      In some of my the postcards and battlefield photos I have seen missing
      markers and markers that have been moved. There is a great Burgan
      postcard that shows the three markers for Sedgwick's brigades placed
      just north of the 15th MA monument. They are now south of it down the
      hill. I also have a photos of an old marker that used to be in front of
      Old Simon. It looks like it is the congressional act creating the
      cemetery. There is no marker there now. And there used to be a marker
      just south west of the NJ monument.


      On Thursday, September 13, 2007, at 09:53 AM, Brian Downey wrote:

      > For the record, Stephen had all the monuments and tablets online on
      > Virtual Antietam long before I had any on AotW. Also, mine aren't
      > actually tablet images, though Stephen's are. Mine are text --
      > formatted to look like tablets -- so the content is Google-searchable
      > and I have tablets with text for those long lost from the actual
      > battlefield (based on Carman/Heth's notes from the Archives). AotW
      > versions are also linked to maps and military units mentioned for
      > cross reference.
      > You want to look at what's actually on the field? Go see Stephen.
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