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3599Re: [TalkAntietam] G.A.R. Reno Post #4 Hagerstown

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  • Stephen Recker
    Aug 23, 2007

      Reno Post #4 signed a lease with the mayor of Hagerstown on April 1,
      1905 for "all that room or hall, known as the Old Town Hall, formerly
      occupied by the Masonic Lodge, situate in the building on the
      south-east corner of North Potomac Street and East Franklin Street,
      Hagerstown". The building was replaced by the current City Hall, built
      in 1939.

      That said, I have a muster list of the Post from 1899. Unfortunately it
      simply lists the address as "Hagerstown". The post commander was S.D.
      Martin. That might be a clue to something.

      I also have a Quartermaster report from 1910. It lists the commander as
      E C. Mobley.The roster from 1899 lists an Ed. M. Mobley. His address is
      listed as 3 1/2 West Franklin, coincidentally that is the old address
      of famed Antietam battlefield photographer E.M. Recher. The Rose Hill
      Cemetery in Hagerstown has two very old gravestones that read, in part,
      "Sons of E.M. Mobley and E.C. Mobley". Perhaps another rabbit hole?

      Nonetheless, the 1910 quartermaster report says that the post only has
      $400 "Cash invested in Furniture, Flags, etc."

      I got hold of the name of the woman who holds all of the historical
      material for that building. I'll drop by her office tomorrow and see
      what she knows. Maybe she'll have big boxes of stuff hidden away. We
      can only hope.

      I'll send a copy of these materials to you via regular mail. No
      information about or photos of the relics, but perhaps a clue to


      On Thursday, August 23, 2007, at 11:13 AM, Scott Hann wrote:

      > OK Brian, I'm game. I have my own "ghost stories" that I've
      > personally experienced on the Antietam battlefield, but I'll leave
      > them for another time.
      > I'm seeking information about G.A.R. Reno Post #4 in Hagerstown, MD.
      > Does anyone know if photos from this Post exist, or has any
      > information about the collection it housed? Also, I'm looking for
      > information about early displays of Antietam relics. So-called "relic
      > boards," such as the one that hung in the Antietam Train Station.
      > Thanks, Scott

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