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3497Antietam Conference

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  • Stephen Recker
    Jul 2, 2007
      I just spoke to a buddy of mine that is planning on going to the huge
      Antietam Conference at the end of this month. He was holding back
      because he wasn't sure there was still going to be room for him. I
      checked it out and there is still plenty of room for folks who want to
      attend. I thought I would post a note here about it so that anyone else
      who wanted to go yet hadn't signed up might be assured that the
      opportunity has not passed.

      Info can be found at: www.chambersburgcivilwarseminars.org

      I'm particularly excited to go on John Hoptak's Final Assault walk. He
      says that he is going to go in an area little travelled. Ending, no
      doubt, with a long speech at the monument for the 48th PA ;-)

      Who else is going?

      Stephen Recker
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