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3483Last Letter of Confederate Officer, MW/KIA at Sunken Road (Long)

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  • 128thpa@comcast.net
    Jun 10, 2007
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      <<Will you make a bargain with me to
      tell me your love secrets in return for my own or would I be an
      unfair one. You are so young and I so far advanced in years. You
      just in the bloom of loves springtime, I in the autumn.>>

      Teej and Gerry, thanks for sharing this really neat letter. While all the terrain and marching info was very interesting; I find the everyday conversation even more so. You state he was about 30, he mentions that the person he is corresponding with is "so young"; yet he is willing to tell his secrets to her. If she is just in the bloom of loves springtime - she might be in her late teens or early 20's? I guess she is "so young" to him, but is obviously old enough to possibly have "love secrets".

      I think this shows how much these soldiers - though life around them was horrible, survived upon the mundane and everyday occurrences of home.

      I can't remember where I read this - it was in one of the 128th letters - but the soldier was complaining that he didn't have many female correspondents. Captain Martin mentions this also.

      Thanks again.


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