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3428Re: [TalkAntietam] 'Expert' battlefield guides

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  • RoteBaron@comcast.net
    Apr 27, 2007
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      Does John Michael Priest still give tours of Antietam?

      I used to see him often on the battlefield. He also used to be a member of several online groups, but I haven't read any postings from him in a long time.

      Tom Shay

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      From: Stephen Recker <recker@...>

      On Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at 11:50 AM, RoteBaron@... wrote:

      > Be assured that use of the term 'expert' was not my choice. It was
      > used in the CWRT's original emails, but note that I did not use ii
      > within the email to this group.
      You need not shy from the term. You are seen in the group as one. This
      reminds me of a topic we covered about a year ago as to what makes
      someone an 'historian'. I think we also discussed why people use the
      word 'an' before the word 'historian'.

      > There will be experts along for the trip, including several Gettysburg
      > guides and Stephen Recker (head of Antietam guides).

      Calling me an expert, now you are pushing it. <g>

      BTW, there is no longer a position of 'director of the guides'. We have
      folded most of my duties into the bookstore, led by Bob Casey and the
      other good folks at WMIA. You can now book a tour right there in the
      book store. The guides retain a three-person advisory committee (Mike
      Gamble, Jeff Driscoll and myself). Ted Alexander and I still handle
      recruitment, so if you want to be a guide, let us know.

      Stephen Recker
      Antietam Battlefield Guides

      P.O. Box 705
      Sharpsburg, MD 21782


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