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3423Antietam Trip Report for April 22

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  • RoteBaron@comcast.net
    Apr 25 9:03 AM
      I was at Antietam last Sunday. I hiked most of the field in the morning and joined the ranger-led hike following AP Hill's counterattack in afternoon. Also ran into fellow TalkAntietam members David Lutton and Stephen Recker.

      A ranger mentioned the pond on Roulette Farm was draining due to a possible sinkhole, which has happened in the past. I stopped by and took some photos that I'll post later.

      I got a copy of the forthcoming West Woods brochure and gave it a walkthrough. It will do a great job of getting people to start trekking over that terrain.

      There is a cannon sitting in the Burnside Overlook parking lot. It is destined to be placed atop the ridge to represent the Union batteries (Durell, Clark, etc) that were posted there. The ridge is the first one west of the lot. I call it IX Corps Ridge, but perhaps Otto's Ridge would be better.

      I bought the new Trailheads Graphics map at the VC. It feaures the Potomac area's battlefields, such as Harpers Ferry, Monocacy, etc.

      I got extra copies of the new park brochure. If you don't plan to get to Antietam this summer and must have one, let me know.

      Tom Shay

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