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  • Adam Zimmerli
    Apr 13, 2007
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      According to Edward Porter Alexander:
      "I was riding with Gen. Lee when we came within a mile or two of the
      fight [for Turner's Gap] & some one discovered a small party of
      people on what seemed to be an old tower on the mountain top [the
      Washington Monument] about a mile north of the pass. There were some
      indications that it might be a signal party of the enemy sending
      messages of our approach, &, itching to have some personal role in
      a fight, I suggested to Gen. Lee that I might take a few men & go
      recapture it. He approved & had eight men sent with me from some
      brigade, I forget whose. I got in cover of some woods & then struck
      up the mountain side &, after a hard, hot climb, at last got up &
      around the tower (which seemed to have been built originally for a
      windmill) before the party on it knew of my approach. But they were
      plainly all natives of the vicinity attracted by the firing and up
      there to see the battle. I was quite disgusted at the peaceful
      character of my capture & left them after seeing that the position
      gave no valuable view of the enemy's ground & I pushed on to the
      front & right, towards the firing." Pages 142-143, Fighting for the

      According to the footnotes of the book, the tower was actually
      effectively in ruins by 1862. If EPA didn't think it gave a good
      view of the federals, could the same be said of the confederate army
      moving out of Boonsboro? I wonder, since it would be something one
      would assume he would think about.

      Anybody know where the 8 men came from?

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      > I have a good question for the group. Does anyone know of Signal
      flags being
      > used at the Washington Monument? And if so what units were they
      and what
      > communications did they send out.
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