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  • T.R.Livesey
    Mar 7, 2007
      When I visit battlefields, I too am saddened by the ways that Americans used to
      regard and treat one another. Specifically, I am saddened how it was once thought
      that it was OK, or normal, or even good, that people of one race could own as
      property the people of another race. I do take some comfort in the fact that the
      mess that the Founding Fathers left was eventually repaired, and their ideals had
      a chance to be realized.

      T.R. Livesey

      On Tue Mar 6 23:30 , Mark Holt <que182001@...> sent:

      >To All:
      > I am Quentin Holt of Renton, Washington State. I have been an amateur
      historian since deep into my childhood, and I am now 58 years old. I am
      well-read and widely traveled and have a lifelong penchant for thinking for
      myself. I am a male-type person and have never been into emotional breakdowns or
      serious failures to function. I was nearly a dozen years between the National
      Guard and the Army Reserve. I am a graduate of the Infantry School at Fort Benning.
      > When I visited the blood-soaked, ghost-haunted battlefields of the War, I felt
      like I was like most other tourists there except that I may have been more
      knowledgeable about the history of the War and that I was alone in my visits.
      Like most any caring and decent person, I was also saddened by the ways that
      Americans used to regard and treat one another, but it did not go beyond the
      normal at the time.
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