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335Antietam Tour: Lee's Center

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  • rotbaron@aol.com
    Sep 18 12:29 PM
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      Report on Tour #4: Center of Lee's Line

      We visited the Sharpsburg Festival during lunch break. There were plenty of
      diverse reenactors, including Aussies and German infantry from WWI, Colonial
      soldiers, etc.

      Keith Snyder led the next tour which studied Lee's center. We gathered at the
      parking lot across from the cemetery. He layed out some items on the grass to
      enhance our discussion. He used long thick blue ropes for the Antietam and
      Potomac, brown ropes for the two Pikes, and had wooden models of the Dunker
      Church and three arched bridges. It was pretty effective in demonstrating
      Lee's position and undoubtedly clarified many visitors as to Lee's

      We then headed northeast along the ridge to note what Lee likely saw from
      this area. Keith noted this was likely where the famous incident occurred
      wherein DH Hill's horse was struck by a shell. We continued in easterly
      direction and discussed the advance of the US Regulars, Fed artillery
      positions, and Porter's inactiive units.

      Plenty of C-130's overhead reminded us of the current situation!

      We crossed into the cemetery and stood on the ridgeline overlooking the
      approaches from Burnside's Bridge in the far distance. Keith noted the
      requests for help sent back to Mac and Porter's warning that his men were the
      last reserves.

      Our final stop was adjacent to Patrick Roy's gravesite. He was killed in the
      USS Cole incident. Keith noted Roy had cleaned tops of tombstones in this
      cemetery. Keith commended Supt Howard for fighting all the red tape (no new
      burials allowed) and seeing that Seaman Roy was buried in the cemetery.

      Tom Shay - Cressona, PA