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333Re: [TalkAntietam] Antietam Tour: Sunken Road

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  • TR Livesey
    Sep 18, 2001

      I have very much enjoyed your posts...would have loved
      to be there myself.

      As for the Carman maps, they are finally available on
      line for free at the Library of Congress site.
      Did I mention for free?

      The location is


      Each plate is scanned at a pretty good resolution. Like all maps
      on the loc, you use the "MrSid" viewer (you need no special
      software to interactively view the images on line). If you
      want to download the images and view them off line, you need
      MrSid software (which is free). If you have photoshop, you
      can get a MrSid plugin which will allow to to import a
      *.sid file into photoshop. A terrific resource.

      This appears to be the original 1904 edition, not the revised 1908.

      TR Livesey

      rotbaron@... wrote:

      > We proceeeded down to Piper Farm and then veered northeast up the slope thru
      > former site of the Piper orchard. Mike noted it's not sure what type of fruit
      > the orchard bore. Mike used Carman maps to denote unit and gun positions.
      > Someone noted the Caman maps on on a CD by HBAR. Can anyone provide followup
      > info?
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