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3310Re: [TalkAntietam] Glory - OT

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  • Stephen Recker
    Feb 14, 2007
      On Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 07:39 PM, G E Mayers wrote:

      > Stephen;
      > If you can, can you post that letter for the rest of us to read?
      Sure. Let me find it. While you wait for that, here is a letter from
      someone in the 125th PA that was recently given to me:

      Sept. The 19th 1862

      Dear Brother

      I have the opportunity to rite once more. We have been traveling for
      too weeks. We have had hard times since we left Virginia. We traveled
      hard and was scarce of food. We were in a very hard battle last
      Wednesday. The 17th our regiment was cut up pretty bad. The report is
      that there was 128 wounded and 18 killed and some that is missing yet
      of our regiment. I was wounded, for one I was struck in the top of the
      head, it knocked me down but I got up and finished loading my gun, then
      I fell back behind the battery, then I went back to a house and washed
      my head, got it dressed up a little. Then in the evening after the
      battle was over I went back to the company to see how they were but I
      did not see them all since John Teets was bad wounded. John Mock is
      wounded very bad. Adam Warfield was hit several times but did not
      injure him. William Rhodes was not in the battle as he was sick. Today
      I was laying in a barn. These too nights back I had a good place to
      rest at night. Though the day I walk out on the battlefield I tell you
      it looks hard to see the fields and woods lying full of men, some dead
      and some living shot in the head, some in the arm, some in the back
      legs. A great many of both kinds, that is rebels and our men.

      Our men our gathering in the dead and wounded, there are some that
      layed out for too days and not able to turn themselves and horses and
      some cripeled.

      I must bring my letter to a close. I want to go along my head is not
      bad. The bullet went through my hat and cut my head on top. I bled a
      good deal but it does not bother me much.

      No more for this time but I remain your brother.

      B.F. Wolfkill

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