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3247Re: [TalkAntietam] Where did Rebels water their horses?

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  • Stephen Recker
    Jan 29, 2007
      I remember being told recently that, as Tom says, the pond was not


      On Monday, January 29, 2007, at 03:08 PM, Thomas Clemens wrote:

      > Tom,
      > The Potomac was close enough for many of the animals, only 1/2 mile
      > from Stuart's position on Nicodemus farm. Also many references are
      > made to the large town spring one block south of Main St. It is still
      > there, and provides the small stream that leads through town down past
      > the Stone House & Mill to form the run that empties into Antietam
      > Creek just above Burnside bridge. Also, all the farms had a well, and
      > many had several wells. The current owner of one farm is excavating
      > his wells, as he is sure that there are discarded weapons in them. I
      > do not think the pond was there, but want to check sources to be sure.
      > Tom Clemens
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