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3245Where did Rebels water their horses?

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  • RoteBaron@comcast.net
    Jan 29, 2007
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      In regard to the Battle of Antietam, I've never seen the issue of water availability addressed.
      The Rebel forces that initially arrived on the field (Sept 15 & 16) would have been there for 3+ days before crossing back into VA. With the weather being warm and so much activity occuring, clearly those animals got thirsty.
      Where were the cav and artillery horses of Stuart's command, SD Lee's artillery horses, etc able to water their horses? Did the local wells suffice? Did they take them down to the Potomac? I don't recall any streams on the field that would provide a source for this large number of horses.
      Was the the large pond that currently exists on the Roulette Farm there in 1862?
      Tom Shay

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