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3237Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Artillery Question

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  • G E Mayers
    Jan 27, 2007
      Dear Mark,

      Glad to hear from you after all this time! Hope you are healthy, etc.

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      To Be A Virginian, either by birth, marriage, adoption, or even on
      one's mother's side, is an introduction to any state in the Union, a
      passport to any foreign country, and a benediction from the Almighty
      God. --Anonymous
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      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, Darmok4349@... wrote:
      > Thanks,
      > Any Idea on how to find out what the NPS source for this information
      > Mike

      Well, I can't say that this figure is definitive or nay. However, if
      you take into consideration that every piece that went into action
      during the battle had between 128 (12Pdr.) and 200 (10Pdr. and 3")
      rounds with it, and that most of them expended at least 80% of their
      ammunition, you find that the figure's truth is entirely possible.

      This also is assuming that none of the caissons were sent to the rear
      to refill . . .

      Mark A. Pflum
      Ringgold !!!
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