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3208Re: [TalkAntietam] Scalawag defined

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  • W.H. Brown
    Jan 10, 2007
      >For those of us Southern "born & bred," a scalawag was one of "us" gone
      >bad. Worse than >carpetbaggers who were Yankees come south to take
      >advantage of us, a scalawag was a >Southerner in cahoots with the evil
      >occupiers. That sob in GWTW who tried to steal Tara from >Scarlett for a
      >buck-fifty was a scalawag. Now -- that's what my grandmamma told me.


      I do not usually use wikipedia as a source, but it's definition of the term
      is particularly good.


      I picked up the nickname "scalawag," because I was only Southerner at work
      who wrote and researched the Union army in the American Civil War.

      Bill Brown

      "There are no bad regiments, there are only bad officers."

      Field Marshall Lord Slim

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