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  • fore.again
    Sep 12, 2006
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      After a little searching at the park here is some information on
      Jerry Summers, the man who lived in the structure on the south side
      of the Sunken Road.

      - Summers went by "Jerry"

      - Was born in 1848

      - Was living in the stone building in front of the Piper House at
      the time of the Battle

      - He is still living with the Piper's in 1870

      - By 1880 he is married and living with his family Somewhere along
      the Sharpsburg Pike between D.R. Miller's house and the Piper's. It
      is possible he was living in the house in question along the sunken
      road as early as this.

      - In 1910 he and his family can definitely be identified as living
      in the tenant house in question; that house being located on the
      south side of the sunken road between the Mumma lane and the lowman
      house ( probably closer to the mumma lane)

      - In 1920 he and his wife are still living in the Piper tenant
      house. He appears to pass away before the 1930 census and it can be
      assumed that during the years between 1920 and his death living he
      continued to reside at the same location.

      The house is visible in the panoramic view taken from the tower that
      was included in O.T. Rielly's "the Battlefield of Antietam" in 1906.


      The weather is looking good for Battle Anniversary Weekend...
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