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3093Re: Anniversary walks?

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  • dickeyr46
    Aug 25, 2006
      Stephen and All

      NPS has uploaded their new Antietam website ...

      Concurrent with the posting of the new site, they have also posted the
      schedule for the anniversary hikes. From the main page, click the
      "Event Schedule" under "Quicklinks." From there you can see the
      "Anniversary Hike" link. There will be 3 overview hikes, one for each
      of the 3 traditional phases designed for the first time visitor. There
      will also be 3 "Antietam in Depth" hikes for a more detailed study.

      The new site will take some exploring! Lots of new links, including
      the 1961 Antietam Handbook online.

      Ron Dickey

      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Recker <recker@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know what the schedule is for ranger-led Anniversary walks
      > this year? The NPS site says the list will come out in late August, but
      > I'm too impatient to wait so I thought I'd ask. Thanks.
      > Stephen
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