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3075Re: A Balaklava of Their Own - The 7th Maine at Antietam

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  • Scott Hann
    Jul 24, 2006
      Hello Tom,

      Years ago I brought my image to the USMHI to be photographed for their
      archives, and this is who is credited in the article. I'm wondering
      if it was my image that was used, but computer enhanced and a border
      added, or if this image exists in another format. Mine is an albumen,
      while the one in the article appears to be a CDV or gallery card. For
      years I've been trying to identify the men in the image with no luck,
      other than the fact that the two men in the back row appear to be
      Indians from the Penobscot Tribe.

      Thanks for contacting your friend. It's too bad that I didn't know
      ahead of time that he was writing his aricle because I could have
      provided him with a view of Adj. Haskell (mortally wounded) and an
      early war view of Major Hyde.

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