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304Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: corn

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  • Bill & Glenna Jo Christen
    Aug 27, 2001
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      oliverg25@... wrote:

      > -I will accept your research. But in defense of "some farmer in
      > Pennsylvania" might I remind you that the settlers in Sharpsburg came
      > from Berks County PENNSYLVANIA. Dunkards are not that much different
      > from Amish.
      > sorry if my mention of Pennsylvania farmers is distasteful to you.

      Mr. Gamble,

      I meant no offense and apologize nonetheless. I believe that even the
      simplest observation in regard to historical fact needs to be considered in
      relation to primary sources and local interpretation. Here is an example: How
      many farmers living in Sharpsburg and having farms in the vicinity of the two
      major cornfields connected with the battle owed there farming experience to
      ancestors in Berks County? Once we have established that information we then
      would be able to see if indeed those Berks County methods were used in the
      summer of 1862.

      This is off topic so I don't expect to continue this thread. It is also
      beyond my expertise and have nothing more to contribute on that line.

      Many of us who have been on the GDG, ADG, Talk Antietam and the Eastern
      Battlefields DG have learned to expand our reasoning and interpretation based
      on fresh analysis or new ways of seeing and thinking about what has been
      written on the battle...especially some of the fanciful stuff from the time
      of the deaths of the veterans to the writings of those educated in the
      1930-1970s about CW history.

      Bill Christen
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