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3038RE: [TalkAntietam] Cannon tubes just lying around?

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  • Thomas Clemens
    Jun 2, 2006
      The maintenance area adjoins the cemertery and they often have tubes
      "dumped" there while carriages are being painted, repaired, etc. The
      two cement strips next the left side appear to be mounts for the
      carriage commonly used with placing cannon on the field, so it is
      logical that they dumped this while removing the carriage. I was told
      tonight at Paul's retirement party that there is some reallocation of
      guns being made around the park, and no doubt refurbishing of carriages
      To lift that tube would take several burly fellows, the tube is likely
      850+ pounds. Any vehicle lifting it would have to pass through the
      maintenance area and a couple gates, so it is a relatively secure place,
      and all the data about it is on record.
      Tom Clemens
      Thomas G. Clemens D.A.
      Professor of History
      Hagerstown Community College

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