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3010Re: re Battlefield off beaten path sites and question

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  • dickeyr46
    May 19, 2006
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      The suggestion of the area around the Locher cabin and the Hauser
      Ridge are excellent. Do not miss the NW portion of the West Woods
      where the 1st Minn was greeted with Pelham's artillery as they emeged
      from the woods. This NW corner tree line appears to be fairly true to
      the Carmen-Cope maps.

      Here's a suggestion for another easy to get to spot... it is the
      northeast corner of the Cornfield. If you get the NPS broucher "The
      Cornfield Trail," this location is marked as stop 4. It is easily
      reached by walking from Auto Tour Stop 4, north through the Cornfield
      using the trail, and then east along the northern Cornfield fence to
      where the Cornfield meets the East Woods. This spot trully is a
      location of "serenity and sacrifice." This spot is peaceful, with no
      vehicle traffic and little foot traffic. Yet, this corner of the
      Cornfield equaled or exceeded the violence of the western side where
      Gibbons fought. From the initial passing of Duryea's brigade at 6 am,
      to the attacks by Hay's Tigers, Hartsuff's men, and Law's Brigade, the
      stand by the Penn. Reserves, Ripley and Gordon facing each other, and
      finally Tyndale rolling up Colquitt's flank, this corner overlooked 3
      hours of back-and-forth sacrifice. This location is also neat in that
      most of the states had units in action in this vicinity. This corner
      was described as "...dead men literally piled upon and across each
      other" by one of Tyndale's regimental commanders. Of note is what you
      can't see from here... you can't see Miller's farm house, nor can you
      see the West Woods. This is a fantastic spot to appreciate how
      restrictive the terrain could be.

      Well, that's a suggestion as a way to appreciate the Cornfield from
      other than the "standard" read from Auto Stop 4.

      Ron Dickey

      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, "G E Mayers" <gerry1952@...> wrote:
      > Gang,
      > In October (October 15th) I will be hosting a tour at Sharpsburg
      > (Antietam) battlefield for the Civil War Discussion Group Fall 2006
      > Muster. I realize some members of this board are also members of the
      > other board.... but this is not a cross posting.
      > I write with three main requests:
      > 1. In addition to the remaining portion of the West Woods between the
      > Philadelphia Brigade park and the SR 64 bypass, what other off the
      > beaten path areas in the park are there in the area of the Morning
      > Phases of the battle that can be visited with needing special
      > permission to do so?
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