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2992125th PA regimental history

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    May 4, 2006
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      Hi Harry! Thanks for the offer! I was wondering when you are looking through it, if you see anything on the 128th Pa, I would greatly appreciate knowing about it. The 125th were in the same brigade under Samuel Crawford. I am especially interested if they mention anything about where Crawford was during the battle, and anything about the death of Samuel Croasdale, Col of the 128th, and the death of Mansfield.

      There was a discussion after the war between the 10th Me and IIRC the 125th (I am not near any of my books or notes right now, so it could have been the 124th, but I really believe it was the 125th) about where Mansfield was when mortally wounded. The 10th and the 125th both claim Mansfield was deploying them when he was shot. Though in my humble opinion, based on my research of the 128th, it appears that Mansfield could have been shot anywhere, that he was going back and forth deploying troops - especially made necessary upon the almost immediate death of Croasdale. I think the debate comes from the fact that Mansfield was still riding around wounded before he collapse from his horse - so it would appear to whomever he was in front of - that he was wounded then.



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      From: "Harry Smeltzer" <hjs21@...>
      I ask this here because this book is heavily weighted with Antietam

      I picked up an ex-lib copy of this book - marked up but all in one piece and
      not falling apart - for $15 today. It's not a reprint, but has orange
      instead of blue boards so I'm thinking the library (Erie Public) had this
      rebound at some point.

      Anyway, there is lots of good stuff in this, and I see that it's pretty
      pricey on Bookfinder. So, if you're looking for 125th or 12th Corps stuff,
      let me know. There is also a roster and some really nice portrait
      photographs along with some drawings I've never seen before.


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