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297Re: Article about Hoods Texans

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  • oliverg25@hotmail.com
    Aug 27, 2001
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      --- In TalkAntietam@y..., TR Livesey <westwood@e...> wrote:
      > O.G.,
      > I am going to immediately admit that I am not an expert
      > in this field (heh-heh). My statements were based
      > on questions I have put to general historians, none of
      > whom claimed to be agricultural experts.

      Neither am I. I live in Harrisburg. Not too many farms in this city.

      > I would not, however, base any conclusions on practices
      > of modern, albeit primitive, farmers. Just because they
      > don't use tractors does not mean that they do it the
      > same way as was done 100 years ago.

      The tractor has evolved over the years. The last time I looked horses
      were still the smae as the original model. I don't know any Amish
      farmers personlly but I fail to see where they could possible be any
      different in their farming practices than those of the 19th Century.
      Considering they are using the same equipment.

      > Do you have any source particular to 19th century
      > corn farming? I would very much like to hear an
      > authoritative source on the subject.

      You want me to reincarnate a 19th Century farmer or go knocking on
      doors in South-Central PA?

      One thing you seem to have forgotten is that Hooker ordered the
      cornfield to be raked with canister before any assult began. I don't
      think there was much cover left by the time th texans got there

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