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  • richard@rcroker.com
    Apr 12, 2006
      Actually my Antietam book is dedicated (in part) to Walter Smith -- a
      private tour-giver who spent two days with me on the field. The moment I
      met him he saked, "How long to you think we'll be out there today?" I said,
      "Till the sun goes down or victory is won!" We became great friends. He
      taught me a great deal that Sears left out and made my book better. Walter
      later suffered a heart attack at the park preparing to give another of his
      well-loved tours. I will never forget those two beautiful days. Gop bless
      Watler Somit all all of those who share his passion.

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      > That's kind of you to say, but I think kudos should go out to ALL the
      > good folks who do tours out there. I just booked a tour for a man who
      > has adopted a 'Little Brother' in Ohio and is bringing this kid here
      > for a tour. This young man has severe disabilities, yet the first guide
      > I asked to take the tour jumped at the chance. The man who 'adopted'
      > him and this guide are the folks you should admire.
      > Also, those rangers at the park. Talk about unsung heroes. I know we
      > have all been disappointed by the small offering of ranger tours this
      > spring. It might be a good thing if some of you were to, in the
      > kindest, most gentle, most supportive manner, drop a note to the park
      > and express your interest in having more ranger tours.
      > Stephen
      > On Wednesday, April 12, 2006, at 10:53 AM, <richard@...> wrote:
      > > I admire you! What you are doing is so critically important, and so
      > > seldom
      > > done -- or, at least, so seldom done well. If history doesn't
      > > inspire, then
      > > it serves little useful purpose. Tell the stories of the heroes of
      > > old to
      > > the youth of today, and this, in the tradition of the tribal campfire,
      > > is
      > > how the culture and mores and values of a nation carry on. I never
      > > refuse
      > > an opportunity to speak in a classroom -- 5th grade to college. It is
      > > why I
      > > do what I do. Keep it up!
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