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288Re: [TalkAntietam] Article about Hoods Texans

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  • TR Livesey
    Aug 26, 2001

      Yes, I am showing Hoods troops after they had turned to meet union
      on their left.

      As for what could be seen, there are a variety of ways to try to
      visualize that.

      I have created a 3rd map


      which shows the region of interest with a blue zone of Union troops and
      a red zone of potential Confederate troops. A (grossly exaggerated)
      map is inset on the lower left. I have shown a yellow line in the main
      image to indicate the alignment of the profile. I have assumed that
      both the Union and Confederate troops have an 'eye level' of 5 feet
      above the ground. In the profile, you can see the discontinuity
      of the red and blue zones - this is the 5 foot vantage point.

      If you place a straight edge on the profile, you should be able to see
      that you can touch the blue zone and the red zone without cutting
      through any intervening ground - that demonstrates a line of sight
      between the two zones along this line. Furthermore, if you hold
      the straight edge at the peak of the blue zone, and at the level
      of the clover where the clover meets the red zone, you can see the
      line cuts fairly deeply into the red zone, certainly to about the
      peak of the high ground south of the cornfield, demonstrating that
      you should be able to see somewhat into the red zone from the
      blue zone (along this line).

      Of course, a field expedition should be used to back these predictions
      up, but the evidence suggests that troops in these positions should
      be able to see one another.

      David Lutton wrote:

      Thanks for the information concerning the ledge area of the field. I do
      have one question though. On both of your terrain maps I believe you
      showing the Texas Brigade position as it ultimately became, that is on
      eastern side of the turnpike fence facing west returning fire from the
      and Battery B.

      But their original movement was of course north with their left flank
      anchored on the turnpike fence. Could Patrick's and Gibbon's men see
      anything east of the turnpike fence? Or am I mistaked and your
      is based on what they could see of the movement of the Texas Brigade as
      moved in a northerly direction?

      The reason I even asked the question was that I had walked most of the
      area and I really could not see anything past the post and rail fence as
      looked east. I was under the impression that some of Starke's troops
      on the west side of the turnpike fence accompanying the Texans on their
      northward advance were the troops that Patrick and Gibbon's troops
      targeted. But I cannot recall where I got that information.

      I'll have to trek that area again sometime during the Anniversary Days
      month. Thanks again, Todd.

      David Lutton
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