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  • NJ Rebel
    Mar 1, 2006

      Sounds like quite a labor there. Good thing Joe Harsh was able to get
      Carman typescripted.

      How accurate did you find his information about the specific Maryland
      Campaign in 1862 pre Antietam battle?

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      > Well I will try not to belabor this issue.
      > Carman was a veteran of th battle, commanding the 13th New Jersey,
      > 12th
      > Corps. He immediately became interested in doing a map and writing
      > a
      > history, and spent time talkingto locals while the army was there.
      > He
      > was on the Board of the Nat'l. Cemetery, and an active amatuer
      > historian
      > for some years after the war. he wrote about all sorts of
      > campaigns,
      > and not just the ones he was in. He was named to the Antietam
      > Battlefield Board in 1892, and served as "historical expert" and was
      > paid to produce a map, a "pamphlet" explaining th battle, lay out
      > roads
      > and place monuments, and provide the text for the cast iron tablets.
      > The battlefield is pretty much the way he designed it to be.
      > His tablets obviously are there, and his map turned into 14
      > time-sequenced maps with great detail. They were produced in
      > assistance
      > with Col. Cope, who worked with Bachelder at Gettysburg.
      > His "pamphlet" turned into an 1,800 page narrative of the campaign
      > from
      > the troubles in MD in 1861 through Oct. of 1862. It is in the
      > Library
      > Congress and is the most detailed study of the campaign and the
      > detail
      > that exists.
      > What I am doing is editing his manuscript, which means mostly trying
      > identify sources he used, since he seldom footnoted, and confirm
      > details, point out errors, etc. I did the first seven chapters for
      > my
      > doctoral dissertation, and that wound up being around 500 typed
      > pages.
      > There are 22 more chapters yet to do. I have a typescript of the
      > whole
      > document, not just he battle chapters which were published by Sid
      > Meirs.
      > Early on in his work he relied heavily on the OR's, Battles and
      > Leaders, and a lot of other published sources. as he got to the
      > battle
      > he began to rely on the letters solicited by the Battlefield Board
      > beginning in 1890, and going through the early years of the
      > Twentieth
      > Century. This wasa huge stumbling block, because I could not
      > continue
      > editing with compiling all these letters into a searchable system.
      > These letters exist in the LOC, NYPL, and mostly in the Nat'l.
      > Archives
      > Antietam Studies files. So far I have a folder for every brigade in
      > both armies and have copied all letters, memos, interviews,
      > pertaining
      > to the commands in those brigades into those folders. To date, I
      > have a
      > pretty good handle on the LOC and NYPL stuff, and am less than half
      > way
      > through the NA letters, and have cataloged over 800 letters, etc.
      > Carman did frequently meet veterans who returned to the field and
      > kept
      > memos of their comments, and even arranged for some people to have
      > expenses covered to come meet with him. Ther are also a huge number
      > of
      > handdrawn and marked up pre-printed maps. When I have all of these
      > documents in a usable system then I will return to editing the
      > manuscript. If I live long enough.
      > When I get this wrapped up I will ask for any Carman Papers out
      > there
      > that are not in my master file. Some just came to light last year
      > ar
      > Drew Univ. when the correspondence with the officer who
      > authenticated SO
      > 191 came to light.
      > I am not very familiar withte Bachelder stuff, I know it is letters
      > from participants, published etc., so will reserve judgment about
      > it. I
      > asked Scott Hartwig about Carman one time, as you proposed, ie. was
      > he
      > the Bachelder of Antietam? Scott paused a moment and said he thought
      > Bachelder was the Carman of Gettysburg. :-)
      > Sorry to take so long with this, but as you can deduce, it is near
      > and
      > dear to my heart. I have no recollection of any specific signal
      > corps
      > stuff, but will keep an eye out for it. Carman was mostly
      > interested
      > data for the tablets and maps, ie. where were the troops and how
      > placed,
      > etc. But there may be references to signal stuff that I do not
      > recall
      > off-hand, or have not yet seen.
      > Thomas G. Clemens D.A.
      > Professor of History
      > Hagerstown Community College
      >>>> flagflop@... 3/1/2006 8:50:52 AM >>>
      > Tom,
      > I certainly cannot take issue with the view that "the Coddington of
      > Antietam" has yet to emerge, nor have I gotten into Scott Hartwig's
      > work. And, for that matter, haven't yet picked up (from recent entry
      > into this group) what you are doing with the Carman material (and,
      > when
      > you refer to his manuscript, whether you are referring specifically
      > to
      > his manuscript history of the campaign). But I do have a question
      > for
      > you, which might bring me up to speed quickly.
      > Before there emerged a Coddington, there was a Bachelder. Can you
      > "size
      > up" what Carman (and the Carman papers at LoC) represents for
      > Antietam,
      > by comparison with Col. Bachelder for Gettysburg--for example, the
      > breadth of his correspondence, the duration of his involvement, the
      > depth of detail? Just a gross comparison. My inference is that it is
      > less. My interest is narrowly centered on telecommunications, so I
      > am
      > always interested in "new" information (the older the better), but
      > that
      > interest was not high in contemporary priorities, which tended to
      > concentrate on the combat arms. To put the question another way, is
      > the
      > Carman material such that it might yield three volumes for
      > Morninghside?
      > (Or, to really betray my interest, "did he ever ask questions or
      > receive
      > information about the signal presence?")
      > without its flaws, but provided the basis for
      >> Murfin's work, and Carman had access to Gould's papers, which
      > provided
      >> the sources for a lot of Sears' work. Harsh of course used it
      >> extensively, as does Hartwig. Whatever editing I do will not add
      > much
      >> to Carman, but more explain how and why he wrote what he did, as
      > much
      > as
      >> it can be ascertained from this point in time.
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