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2726Re: Coddington of Antietam

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  • flagflop
    Mar 1, 2006
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      I certainly cannot take issue with the view that "the Coddington of
      Antietam" has yet to emerge, nor have I gotten into Scott Hartwig's
      work. And, for that matter, haven't yet picked up (from recent entry
      into this group) what you are doing with the Carman material (and, when
      you refer to his manuscript, whether you are referring specifically to
      his manuscript history of the campaign). But I do have a question for
      you, which might bring me up to speed quickly.

      Before there emerged a Coddington, there was a Bachelder. Can you "size
      up" what Carman (and the Carman papers at LoC) represents for Antietam,
      by comparison with Col. Bachelder for Gettysburg--for example, the
      breadth of his correspondence, the duration of his involvement, the
      depth of detail? Just a gross comparison. My inference is that it is
      less. My interest is narrowly centered on telecommunications, so I am
      always interested in "new" information (the older the better), but that
      interest was not high in contemporary priorities, which tended to
      concentrate on the combat arms. To put the question another way, is the
      Carman material such that it might yield three volumes for Morninghside?
      (Or, to really betray my interest, "did he ever ask questions or receive
      information about the signal presence?")

      without its flaws, but provided the basis for
      > Murfin's work, and Carman had access to Gould's papers, which provided
      > the sources for a lot of Sears' work. Harsh of course used it
      > extensively, as does Hartwig. Whatever editing I do will not add much
      > to Carman, but more explain how and why he wrote what he did, as much
      > it can be ascertained from this point in time.
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