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    Jan 17, 2006
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      Who is Gustav Schurmann?
      Gerry, Gustav Schurmann's story is told in the book by Bill Styple, "The Little Bugler". Though the book was written for middle schoolers, it is definitely worth a read by adults also. Gus (as he was called) was a drummer/bugler for the 40th NY. Due to his skills he moved up to be Phil Kearney's bugler, and eventually Sickles' bugler. IIRC, Gus was with Sickles when he was wounded and was the one to wrap a tourniquet on his leg, as others went off to find Sickles' surgeon. Gus became friends with Tad Lincoln and stayed in the White House for a couple of weeks or so.
      Apparently, they don't know where Charlie is buried. Here is part of the post from Chester Co.
      "Charley was wounded at Antietam by a piece of shrapnel and died
      September 20, 1862. Although his exact burial place is unknown it is probably
      at Antietam. His family's burial plot is at Green Mount Cemetery and the
      memorial [to King] is appropriately been placed there."

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