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2385RE: [TalkAntietam] Press release: "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam" DVD

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  • Harry Smeltzer
    Dec 3, 2005
      Wow. All that and they managed to leave McClellan's name completely out of

      I think I can guess what the documentary will cover. Lee, with complete
      command of the situation and with psychic abilities to know what his
      cowardly opponent will do, masterfully conducts his campaign but is foiled
      by the loss of SO 191. Despite being outnumbered nearly 350 to 1, he
      manhandles his Union counterpart who is afraid to fight. Lincoln, the
      master politician, turns Lee's crushing victory into defeat by issuing the
      EP. Then he jettisons his traitorous general and continues his search for
      the perfect commander. Yadda yadda yadda.


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      Ronald F. Maxwell Narrates and Provides a 25-Minute On-Screen
      Interview in New "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam" DVD About the Single
      Bloodiest Day in American History
      Civil War Battle Documentary Release Set for a Pre-Black History Month
      Kick-Off of January 31, 2006

      NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 12/02/2005 -- Ronald F.
      Maxwell, director of epic Civil War films "Gettysburg" and "Gods and
      Generals," narrates the new Civil War documentary, "Lincoln and Lee at
      Antietam - The Cost of Freedom," and provides a 25-minute on-screen
      interview on the DVD.

      "The Civil War is our war," said Maxwell. "It's up close and personal.
      It's the war that divided families, towns, communities. As the classic
      saying goes, 'it's the war between brothers.' The biggest killing
      field of the war in a single day was the Battle at Antietam, the first
      invasion into the North."

      Written, directed and produced by multiple-award winner Robert Child
      ("Gettysburg: Three Days of Destiny," "Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue
      and Gray"), "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam - The Cost of Freedom"
      vividly brings to life the story of America's fight for freedom in a
      battle that changed the course of the Civil War.

      "'Lincoln and Lee at Antietam - The Cost of Freedom' began as a follow
      up to my earlier Civil War program for PBS, 'Gettysburg: The Boys in
      Blue & Gray,'" said Child. "The battle of Antietam seemed to be such a
      mystery and much overshadowed by Gettysburg. Through my research and
      subsequent scripting of the film, not only did I discover that
      Antietam is as pivotal a Civil War battle as Gettysburg, but also as
      important in how it indelibly altered the course of American history."

      With a running time of 90 minutes, the DVD will be available for
      purchase nationally in retail stores on January 31, kicking off Black
      History Month (February), at a suggested retail price of $24.95. The
      prebook date is January 3, 2006.

      It's September 17, 1862, and President Abraham Lincoln needs a victory
      in order to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, which remains today
      one of the most socially important documents in American history,
      shaping black history, as well as our nation as a whole. But General
      Robert E. Lee has other plans -- invade the North. When Lee's
      strategy, known as Special Order 191, falls into the hands of the
      Union Army, the result is the single bloodiest day in American history
      at the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

      Nearly twice as many Americans died on that single day than had fallen
      in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the
      Spanish-American War combined. In striking comparison, American losses
      on the bloodiest day of World War II, D-Day, were a quarter of those
      at Antietam. If not for this turn of events, we would not be the
      nation we are today.

      "There is always a cost to freedom. In the case of the Civil War, the
      price was high, but the viability of the concept of the United States
      as one Nation in which all persons could live free equally was firmly
      established once and for all. Citizens, however, should keep this cost
      in mind if ever they contemplate actions which would result in giving
      up this freedom as the day would come when they would want it back,"
      said Michael Bussler, president of Inecom Entertainment Company.

      Through first person accounts, an original music score from composers
      Steve Heitzeg and Nicholas Palmer and scarce Antietam commemorative
      battle footage from the 125th, 135th and 140th Antietam Reenactments,
      "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam - The Cost of Freedom" tells the tale of
      the 14-hour epic Battle at Antietam, and features commentaries from
      renowned historians such as:

      -- James M. McPherson, Princeton University, Pulitzer Prize winning
      author of "Battle Cry of Freedom" and "Crossroads of Freedom:
      -- Allen C. Guelzo, Gettysburg College, America's only repeat winner of
      the Lincoln Prize; Nominated by President George W. Bush to the
      Council on the Humanities
      -- Dennis E. Frye, National Park Service Historian at Harpers Ferry,
      author of "Antietam Revealed" and associate producer of "Gods and
      -- Paul V. Chiles, National Park Service Historian at Antietam National
      -- Patrick Falci, Actor/Performing Historian portrays General Ambrose
      Powell Hill at Antietam

      The film also features Stanley Wernz as Abraham Lincoln. Wernz was
      featured in Time Magazine (July 4, 2005) and is currently the
      president of the Association of Lincoln Presenters.

      Presented in a colorful 16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer with
      Dolby Digital 2.0 sound, "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam - The Cost of
      Freedom" is closed-captioned with English subtitles and boasts these
      additional special features:

      -- 25-Minute On-Screen Interview with Ronald F. Maxwell
      -- Feature-Length Commentary Track with Robert Child and Ronald F.
      -- Original Music Score from composers, Steve Heitzeg and Nicholas Palmer
      -- Inecom Documentary Trailers

      Part of "The MINUTES OF HISTORYR Series," "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam
      - The Cost of Freedom" is the newest DVD release from Inecom
      Entertainment Company, following the successful "EXPO - Magic of the
      White City," narrated by Gene Wilder, which documents the 1983 Chicago
      World's Fair. Since its release on September 13, 2005, "EXPO - Magic
      of the White City" has been one of Amazon.com's top-selling
      independently produced documentary DVDs and was recently recognized as
      the bestselling history title for Borders stores nationwide. Other
      recent documentaries from Inecom include "Johnstown Flood" narrated by
      Richard Dreyfuss and "Gettysburg and Stories of Valor" narrated by
      Keith Carradine. Both "Johnstown Flood" and "Gettysburg and Stories of
      Valor" appear on public television. Future Inecom projects in
      development include "Clara Barton," "Horses of Gettysburg," "Winters
      of War" and "World War I Minutes."

      About Ronald F. Maxwell --

      Narrator Ronald F. Maxwell began his love affair with theater, film
      and television as a student at Clifton High School in New Jersey,
      where he showed natural talent on both sides of the camera. Upon
      graduating from NYU, Maxwell worked as Charleston Heston's personal
      assistant in Heston's directorial debut, "Antony and Cleopatra," then
      went on to work as an associate producer and subsequently producer for
      the EmmyR and Peabody Award-winning series, "Theatre in America" at
      WNET-13 in New York City.

      In 1978, Maxwell produced and directed Sissy Spacek, William Hurt,
      Sally Kellerman and Howard da Dilva in "Verna: USO Girl," for which he
      received an EmmyR nomination for Best Director. "Little Darlings," the
      first theatrical film that Maxwell directed, opened at #1 on Variety
      Magazine's Top Hundred Grossing Films and has since become a classic
      of the genre. Subsequently, he directed "The Night the Lights Went Out
      in Georgia," "Kidco," "Parent Trap II," "In the Land of the Poets" --
      a feature-length documentary on the Nicaraguan Civil War -- and the
      landmark film "Gettysburg," which has been hailed as one of the
      greatest war movies in the history of film. Maxwell then produced,
      wrote and directed the prequel to "Gettysburg, Gods and Generals."
      Released in theaters in February 2003 and to the home video market on
      July 15, 2003, "Gods and Generals" was recognized as the #1 selling
      video in America, with over 600,000 sales in its first week.
      Currently, Maxwell is in pre-production on "Joan of Arc: Virgin
      Warrior" and in long-range preparations on "Last Full Measure," the
      final part of his Civil War Trilogy.

      About Robert Child --

      Director Robert Child is a multi-award winning, twenty-year television
      veteran, who began writing and directing independent productions in
      2001. Of the 23 filmmaking awards he has won in the last two years,
      six were for outstanding directorial achievement. At the spring 2004
      New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, Child won
      both the Best Director and Best Historical Program awards. This topped
      a year in which he was awarded his second consecutive Platinum Remi
      Award for Best Historical Program at the Worldfest Houston Film
      Festival for "Gettysburg: Three Days of Destiny." The festival is
      noted for handing Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott their first
      filmmaking awards.

      In early November 2004, Child was signed by veteran Canadian producer
      Dick Nielsen to direct and co-produce Nielsen's forthcoming Canadian
      theatrical release, "Hill 195." The project, which begins filming in
      Canada in 2006, is a multi-million dollar World War II era
      action-feature, which showcases the heroic actions of a single
      Canadian regiment just weeks after D-Day. Recently, Child completed
      two commissioned story treatments, "Hollywood Dream Car Designer:
      George Barris," about the legendary Hollywood film car customizer who
      created the original Batmobile among other iconic TV and movie
      vehicles; and "The Paul Winchell Story," a biography of perhaps the
      world's finest ventriloquist, whose characters "Jerry Mahoney" and
      "Knucklehead" became household names. Winchell also served as the
      voice of "Tigger" for all of Disney's "Winnie the Pooh" films and TV
      series winning a Grammy award for the best children's recording, "The
      Most Wonderful Things about Tiggers," in 1974. Winchell is also the
      original patent holder for the first artificial heart.

      About Inecom Entertainment Company --

      President and chief executive officer Michael L. Bussler founded
      Inecom Entertainment Company in 1999. Inecom finances and distributes
      independent films by partnering with innovative producers and enlists
      celebrated talent such as Ronald F. Maxwell, Richard Dreyfuss, Keith
      Carradine and Gene Wilder. In addition to working with outside
      producers with projects of their own, Inecom also operates a captive
      production company. Since 2001, Inecom has released seven feature
      documentaries and multiple instructional films for U.S. and
      international distribution.

      NOTE TO MEDIA: For more information, review the enclosed brochure
      about "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam - The Cost of Freedom" and visit:
      www.AntietamConflict.com and www.Inecom.com. Images for "Lincoln and
      Lee at Antietam - The Cost of Freedom" may be downloaded on jpeg or
      tiff formats by visiting www.AntietamConflict.com/photographs.



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