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237RE: Weverton Pass

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  • Teej Smith
    Jun 30, 2001
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      James Rose wrote:
      > Teej,
      > I'm looking at a map of the area (West Point Atlas) and I don't see a
      > Weverton Pass. Crampton's Gap seems (according to the map) to be the
      > quickest way into Pleasant Valley, and the valley being the best way to
      > approach the heights. About Miles holding on, I doubt it. Miles knew
      > that Franklin was coming, and that he was only a few miles away. He
      > surrendered despite knowing that a relief force was close at hand. The
      > only way I see it changing is if Franklin had relieved Miles before
      > Jackson opened fire.

      Unfortunately the only description Stine gives is that it was a
      miles below Harper's Ferry and that it was occupied by Wright's and
      Pryor's Brigades of Anderson Div. Does that tell you where it might have
      been located? Is it known by another name?

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