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2369Re: [TalkAntietam] General Julius White

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  • nickrelee@aol.com
    Nov 26, 2005
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      In a message dated 11/26/2005 11:59:41 AM Mountain Standard Time,
      clemenst@... writes:

      I think Teetor is over-compensating, and his book is not that good.
      White had no experience, and his major claim to a generalship was being
      an friend of Lincoln.

      I'm not completely sold on Teetor's ideas (halfway thru book) but I do
      remember seeing in the Harpers Ferry commission report in the OR that they also
      thought White was a good guy. I'm just wondering why in 1862 other officers
      thought White was a good commander. It doesn't seem from Warner that he had
      any great history. Do you think just being a friend of Lincoln made him seem
      like a great guy or is part of his reputation the fact that Miles didn't do a
      great job so White looks good because people figure he couldn't have done
      much worse?

      Reading Teetor he seems to really be going down the path (only halfway thru
      yet so not sure if this is where he's going) that Miles purposefully did
      things to lose Harpers Ferry. That it wasn't just a matter of him not
      understanding the proper way to defend HF, that he wanted to help the Confederacy. So
      I guess the question is, is there a way to defend HF against that many
      Confederates? If Miles had drawn everybody over to Maryland Heights would that
      have prevented HF from falling? How would he supply himself if he puts everyone
      on Maryland Heights?

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