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  • nickrelee@aol.com
    Sep 23, 2005
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      I do have a copy of Sid Meier's but when I made a chart of the chapters as
      saved on the disk (because the disk sometimes gave them a different number) it
      appears that the disk is missing chapters 1-5,14 and anything past 21, which
      may not even exist. Maybe I'm not looking thru the disk correctly.

      Speaking for myself I'd say the more the merrier on the trip. We just got
      back from this year's trip on Monday (middle tennessee - franklin, nashville,
      spring hill, stones river) so I'm not even sure when we'll start Antietam.
      We just had decided earlier this year that Antietam was next. Right now I'm
      gathering maps, order of battle, biographies (from Warners 2 books) to make a
      binder for us to use. I'm not sure if we'll start before Christmas or not,
      anyway to shorten the story, I think we'll be happy to have others join us.
      My guess is we'll go in August-October.

      Maybe you (or anyone else) can give some opinion on how to break up the
      study. My idea was:
      1-Second Manassas
      2-the march north
      3-Harper's Ferry
      4-South Mountain
      5-Antietam, cornfield
      6-Antietam, sunken road
      7-Antietam, burnside's bridge
      8-return to Virginia
      Under that setup, if our first meeting was in January then we'd be done in
      August and the trip could be Aug, Sept or Oct. We meet for about 1 to 1.5
      hours each month so I was wondering if maybe Antietam should be broken into
      maybe 5 meetings. Do it as Hooker/Mansfield assault, Sumner into the woods,
      sunken road and burnside's bridge. That'd be 4 and the fifth could either be 2
      on the sunken road or AP Hill's attack. Do you think there is enough stuff
      happening that devoting 2 meetings to either the middle or southern areas would
      be worthwhile? Does all that make sense?

      --Nick K

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