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2309[TalkAntietam] bibliography

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  • nickrelee@aol.com
    Sep 22, 2005
      Each year my roundtable studies a particular campaign or battle and then
      visits the area at the conclusion of the study. Next year we are going to do
      Antietam. I'm kinda the appointed gatherer of info, so I was wondering if
      there is a really complete bibliography on the web out there or in someone's own
      mind? Since we take a year we really look to dive deeper than just Sears,
      Murfin and Harsh. Is Carman's manuscript available? We'll also study Harpers
      Ferry and South Mountain, we might even delve a bit into Second

      Also we really like to hike (we'll probably spend 2 days tramping around
      Antietam, maybe 3) but I'm aware that some of the fields at Antietam are more or
      less private but that they do allow hikers when it won't damage crops. Is
      that true? And if so what time of year would be best to hike anywhere we feel
      like it?


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