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2054Re: [TalkAntietam] Kingsbury's father-in-law?

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  • Teej Smith
    Jun 2, 2005
      Tom Shay wrote:

      >I found the source that states Kingsbury's wife was daughter of Zachary
      > Taylor:
      > In his book "Antietam Revealed", Dennis Frye states on page 118 (item
      > #1209)
      > that "Kingsbury was married to a daughter of former president and Mexican
      > War
      > hero Zachary Taylor".
      > On a website, I found a listing of President Taylor's daughters as: Ann
      > Mackall, Sarah Knox, Mary Elizabeth. Therefore I am still assuming that
      > Eva Taylor
      > was the daughter of Lt Colonel Joseph P. Taylor.

      I found this on the Military Images website:

      "On its face, his decision to remain in the Army may appear simple, but
      family ties to the South must have caused him some anxiety. Besides Buckner,
      soon to become a prominent Confederate general and who was married to his
      older sister, Kingsbury himself was engaged to Eva Taylor, of Kentucky, the
      daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph P. Taylor. Taylor, assistant
      commissary general of the U.S. Army, had two army officer sons who remained
      loyal to the Union, but another daughter was married to David R. Jones, a
      Confederate officer. "

      Other interesting fact from this site:

      "Kingsbury's body was taken to Washington, D.C., where it was laid to rest
      at Oak Hill Cemetery. In December his widow Eva gave birth to a son, Henry,
      Jr. Kingsbury was mourned by many, a West Point classmate writing, "I cannot
      tell you how much we have felt about Kingsbury's death."

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