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1974Re: 99 Places Every Guide Should Know

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  • Brian Downey
    May 6, 2005
      Great subject. How about some of the obvious ones ...

      + all tour stops & their physical features (duh!)
      + locations of all 6 mortuary cannon (bonus: tube type)
      + locations of major/State monuments (i.e., NY, MD, GA, MA, IN, NJ,
      Old Simon, etc)
      + significant farmsteads/other structures (Mumma, Miller, Roulette,
      Sherrick, Poffenbergers, Piper, Otto, Rohrbach, more?)
      + Lee & McClellan HQs
      + Major Arty positions (SD Lee, Hauser/Nicodemus, I/XII Corps
      Reserves, East Bank Antietam, Sharpsburg, more?)
      + Snavely's & Pry's Fords
      + Potomac River where it is nearest ANB north and south
      + Potomac Fords/crossings used by troops
      + direction and distance from ANB to other important points
      (Crampton's, Fox's and Turner's Gaps, Harpers Ferry, Frederick,
      Hagerstown, Shepherdstown, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chambersburg PA,


      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, rotbaron@a... wrote:
      > Stephen,
      > The PDF file says you are open to suggestions for "99 Places Every
      Guide Should Know". If you are indeed looking for some, undoubtedly
      this group can offer some (and we'll learn plenty while doing so).
      > Some suggestions:
      > Orginal location of 2nd MD monument
      > Orginal location of 51st PA monument (i.e. the one topped with
      granite drum)
      > Old Simon
      > Stetson Marker
      > The only two Confederate state monuments at Antietam
      > Mary Locher Farm
      > Original roadbed of old Confederate Avenue
      > Oldest monument at Antietam (would I be correct in saying the
      cornerstone of the Old Soldier monument dedicated in 1867?)
      > Tom Shay
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